Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cylon Stem Cells

Interesting how the show's politics are becoming more explicit.

I'm liberal, so they're preaching to the choir. And yet...I have reservations. Thus far, the themes have been sufficiently broad that everyone from the New Yorker to National Review have found something that resonates. I worry that, by taking more explicit stands, the show risks polarizing audiences.

This was a mistake Star Trek: the Next Generation made in its later years. There was one episode (not so nerdy I recall its name) where the Enterprise Crew learned that using warp drive damages the universe. After much agonizing, they accepted a new warp speed limit for the rest of the show.

It was just silly.

I understand that one virtue of speculative fiction is the ability to revisit familiar questions in a new context. One where our political reflexes don't readily apply. And I personally think the cylon stem cells were a master stroke -- and poke in the eye of the President.

Therein may lie the problem...