Monday, January 18, 2010

The Jay Leno Show: Leno Gets PWNED

In case you missed it, here's the hilarious and riveting clip of Jimmy Kimmel unloading repeatedly on Jay Leno during the "10 at 10" segment of Leno's own show.

Kimmel is relentless -- and understandably so.  I'm not sure what Jay was thinking having him as a guest.  Jimmy is a close friend of Howard Stern, who has never forgiven Leno for going behind his back to poach Stuttering John Melendez from the Stern Show. 

Speaking of Howard, his powers of prognostication have again been vindicated.  When NBC announced that Conan O'Brien would be taking over the Tonight Show, Stern said it was a bad idea and advised O'Brien to stay at 12:30.  When the Jay Leno show premiered, Howard warned it would fail and NBC would be forced to give the Tonight Show back to Jay. Both predictions have now come to pass. 

This all comes on the heels of Stern's eerily accurate estimate that the new Star Trek film would gross $79 million during its opening weekend.  Howard's moniker "King of All Media" is meant to be humorously self-deprecating.  But the man sure seems to be Nostradamus where radio, television, and film are concerned.


Thunderstorm said...

It's been humorous just following the whole thing.

First things first, I've watched Conan since he started in 1993 and always loved Late Night but felt like his version of the Tonight Show was neutered.

I wasn't as prescient as Stern, I didn't think he'd be essentially fired but I didn't think it would beat Letterman consistently like Leno did. And watching the show from time to time, it was almost never as good as his Late Night show.

I can't stand Leno, never could. Not just because of what he did to Letterman in 92 (was a big Letterman on NBC fan as well) but because he is INCREDIBLY unfunny.

Letterman is shit these days as well. I saw him interview Harrison Ford the other night and it was so bad, I was embarrassed for him. He's been mailing it in for about 12 years anyhow.

I hope Conan ends up on a network like Comedy Central where he can draw a small audience and do what the hell he wants. Rather than FOX or even HBO, where he's still got to pull a decent audience to keep his gig or keep executives from meddling.

Bigmouth said...

The sad thing about Jay is that, by all accounts, he was a truly brilliant stand-up comedian. I, too, hope that Conan ends up someplace like Comedy Central. I'd love to see him do a sketch show like Dave Chappelle did. For me, Conan's bits were always the funniest part of his shows. I'd love to see him collaborate with Robert Smigel on such an endeavor.

Thunderstorm said...

Totally agree. Him and Smigel teaming up for a sketch/skit show like Chappelle's would be perfect.

Of course that would depend if he wants to do a weekly or daily show.
I imagine after Colbert, CC loses a lot of audience. I think that it could work daily or weekly.

I think FOX is a death trap. They run everything on such a low budget, that no matter what I think people would see the product as inferior. He needs to just change up the format and not do the same thing again. Besides this, I get the distinct feeling that FOX would want to put him up against Leno and Letterman for the sake of 'drama'.